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Mr. Chovan has more than 26 years of experience in the field of real estate. Specifically, he has been a Project Manager and realty specialist in property acquisition and relocation advisory services for a host of public and private clients. He is a licensed real estate salesman and appraiser in the State of Ohio and a real estate broker in the State of Michigan. Mr. Chovan is also a notary public in both Ohio and Michigan.

His professional accomplishments include the coordination and management of a number of complex and high profile transportation projects along with two large Airport acquisition projects.  Most recently, acquisition and relocation services on dozens of parcels for the Toledo Jeep Wrangler Facility expansion in Toledo, Ohio.  The ALL-Lima-RRGS underpass project in Lima, Ohio consisting of acquisition and/or relocation services on more than 45 parcels.

Mark Chovan

Sr. Vice President

Mr. Wolfe has more than 17 years of experience in acquiring rights-of-way for public and private entities throughout the state of Ohio including four years with ODOT. During his tenure with ODOT, Mr. Wolfe was tasked with performing and facilitating all of the real estate functions associated with the Department’s Stream Mitigation Program throughout the state. Mr. Wolfe has managed numerous projects under various statewide task order contracts for ODOT and is presently working on various high profile projects.

These experiences provide him with current policy and procedure knowledge that will allow the team to work in the most efficient manner to secure the required property rights. Mr. Wolfe is one of only 16 individuals in the state of Ohio who is prequalified by ODOT to perform six or more functions of the right-of-way acquisition process.

Mr. Wolfe is prequalified with ODOT in project management, title research, value analysis, negotiations, relocation, relocation review and closings.

Mr. Vriezelaar brings strong leadership and clear vision to WE providing turnkey real estate acquisition services to both the public and private sectors. In addition to managing WE’s daily operations, his responsibilities also include project manager, title researcher, value analysis, negotiator, relocation counselor, relocation reviewer and closing agent.

Mr. Vriezelaar believes his integrity and character to be the basis in which all decisions are made for and on behalf of West Erie Realty Solutions. His professional accomplishments include project manager of a number of high profile and complex projects.  Most recently, the LUC-Briarfield Blvd. Extension project consisting of acquisition and relocation on some 30 parcels for new public roadway to The Anderson’s World Headquarters.

In the private sector was the NCGT Oregon Lateral which consisted of more than 175 parcels and 22 miles of acquisition for a 24-inch natural gas pipeline to service the Billion Dollar Oregon Clean Energy development in Oregon, Ohio.

Greg Vriezelaar


Matt Wolfe

Sr. Vice President


Ms. Matrka is a Realty Specialist with WE and has a Bachelor’s Degree from The Ohio State University with a B.S. in Finance; B.S. Real Estate and Urban Analysis.


Ms. Matrka is a Licensed Appraiser Trainee in the State of Ohio.  With Ms. Matrka’s education and experience in the real estate industry, she has quickly become an asset to the WE team in advancing the projects and delivering a high quality product.


Ms. Matrka is currently prequalified by ODOT to perform title research, negotiation, closings and Value Analysis.

Realty Specialist

Megan Matrka

Realty Specialist


Mr. Byers is a Realty Specialist with WE and has a Bachelor’s Degree from The University of Toledo in Paralegal Studies.


With Mr. Byers education and previous work experience in law for more than 10 years, he’s quickly transitioned an understanding of ODOT’s Policy and Procedures regarding titles, forms, contracts, easements and deeds. Mr. Byers is prequalified by ODOT in Title Research and Closings.


Additionally, he has completed all necessary ODOT coursework and WE expects him to receive prequalification in negotiation and relocation in the near future.


Mr. Giaimo's primary responsibility with WE is that of project manager and negotiator. He is a seasoned professional with more than 40 years’ experience as a consultant, former real estate project administrator and manager for ODOT.


Mr. Giaimo is responsible for the acquirement of more than 5,000 right-of-way parcels on some 800 projects primarily involving eminent domain.


Mr. Giaimo is confident and experienced in all phases of acquisition which is a tremendous asset to both WE’s staff and the clients we serve.

Robert Giaimo

Project Manager

Joel Byers

Realty Specialist

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