West Erie Realty Solutions, Ltd. (WE): is located in Toledo, Ohio and our firm provides Turnkey Acquisition Services to the public and private sectors across the entire Great Lakes Region.  WE personnel have more than 190 years combined service in the field of real estate acquisition.  Created by Ken Wood, President of Martin + Wood Appraisal Group, WE is a standalone turnkey acquisition firm dedicated to providing the entire spectrum of acquiring services to its growing list of clients. In the private sector, WE has received tremendous interest and is engaged in new opportunities acquiring Rights of Way for development in Wind, Power and Utility.  As agent for the public sector, that is and continues to be WE’s core discipline.


WE is positioned both locally and statewide with collaborative relationships and strategic partnerships that offer experienced and flexible staff with capacity to meet the industry demands of today.  WE has assembled staff with multiple pre-qualifications by ODOT, INDOT and MDOT.  WE personnel have completed acquisition services on thousands of parcels for DOT’s and numerous Local Public Agencies. These services include project management, title research, real estate appraisals, appraisal review, negotiations, relocation assistance, relocation reviews and closings.


As example, WE personnel hold ODOT pre-qualifications in the following: Four (4) Project Management, Three (3) Value Analysis, Seven (7) Negotiations, Three (3) Closings, Two (2) Title Research, Three (3) Relocation and Two (2) Relocation Review.  Given the size of our firm, we are able to handle large right of way projects and aggressive right-of-way clearance schedules. WE’s project managers have demonstrated on previous projects that we understand the importance of meeting deadlines and are very competent in handling the most complex right-of-way projects.


Our representation of your office serves paramount to WE’s business model and WE’s project approach always gives full consideration to both the project’s stakeholders and the State’s policies and procedures. WE take great pride and have full confidence in our being the face to your project and it is our commitment to work as a team with our clients and strategic partners that will achieve results and exceed expectations.


About Us

"I've worked with West Erie Realty on several projects and I can say firsthand that they are very professional and forthcoming on anticipated projections.  I highly recommend their services and plan on using W.E. on our next project."

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